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Women@Work offers employers a variety of ways to advertise products and services to the mid to senior-level women in our network. As you consider advertising opportunities, think quality, not the quantity that may be offered via “mass market” web sites. Ours is a very pure and concentrated network of 8,000+ educated consumers who are engaged in the process of “smart women helping other smart women”. Your advertising message reaches far beyond our network, as women spread the word about products and services that make their busy lives easier, productive and interesting.

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Women@Work Network Demographics

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Women@Work Network Demographics

Size and Location

• 8,000+ women are in our core network
• 77% concentrated in New York Metropolitan area
• Beyond NY Metro area, growing most rapidly in Boston metro area

Personal Profile

• 36% are between the ages of 35 and 45; 45% are between the ages of 46 and 55.

• 72% have household incomes over $100,000 with 35% having household incomes above $200,000. 80% own their homes. 92% of the women in our network are involved with or solely responsible for managing household finances.

Educational/Professional Background

• 95% have a four-year college degree and 60% have an MBA, JD or other advanced degrees.

• 60% have more than 10 years of experience. In contrast, only 30% of the mass market candidates of one large competitor job board focused on women have more than 10 years of experience and only 54% have college degrees.

• 40% of the women in our network are returning professionals. 94% of these women have been out the workforce for five years or less.

• 90% are seeking mid to senior management positions, and the majority is seeking full time (or full time+) positions. 43% are seeking salaries in the range of $50,000 - $99,000; 43% are seeking salaries in the range of $100,000 - $199,000; and 6% are seeking salaries $200K+.

Current Traffic to the Women@Work Network Site

• The site has more than 12,000 unique visitors and 50,000+ page views each month. Traffic is expected to rise exponentially with the launch of new web site and Job Board; through several new online advertising initiatives via Google Ad Words, and via the nationwide expansion of our networking chapters.

• 85% of women in network consider Job Board to be the most valuable aspect of our site and 90% recommend site to other professional women in their personal networks.



More than 8,000 subscribers around the world — an ever growing community of mid to senior-level current and returning professional women — access the Women@Work Job Board. Top employers and the best candidates are drawn to us through consistent national press coverage, active relationships with the most prestigious colleges and business schools (we sponsors career programs for alumnae) and alliances with professional women's organizations. In one recent two-week period Women@Work was mentioned twice in the Wall Street Journal "Career Journal" section in print and online.

Our active network of women continually expands across the United States and as far as Europe, Australia, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Employers both large and small consider Women@Work a leading resource for hard-to-find, highly skilled and diverse talent.

How Our Job Board Works

The Women@Work Job Board is for large and small employers who would prefer to search for candidates on their own. The Job Board is a stand-alone service—fees are for the 60-day postings only; there are no contingency or retained search fees attached.

All mid to senior-level positions qualify for the Women@Work Job Board. We do not specialize in industries or job functions.

Women@Work is known for engaging job descriptions--so your job posting will benefit from the editing and proofreading of skilled writers. If you are interested in having our staff write your job description, the cost is $150 per description.

Note that the full fee for single or multiple postings is due in advance of the first posting. All posting packages expire in one year.

Single 60 Day Job Posting $199.00
Job Posting Three-Pack $398.00
Resume Purchase $35.00
Unlimited Posting Subscription for 1 Year $7,500.00

Why Your Postings Have More Exposure on the
Women@Work Job Board

Once your position(s) are posted on the actual Job Board, we also announce the opportunities in our Daily Newslink--a broadcast that the women in our network subscribe to and expect from us each day. This Daily Newslink tells our subscribers that your company has posted new position(s), and the announcement links directly to your advertisement on the Women@Work Job Board. The Daily Newslink is a particularly unique feature: when you advertise on other Job Boards there is no guarantee that mid to senior-level women will notice or click on your company's postings. Women@Work draws specific attention to your advertisement--and, most importantly, makes sure that high-quality candidates are fully aware that your company is hiring women.

In addition to the Daily Newslink announcement, Women@Work also identifies candidates who fit your job profile and makes sure through special email alerts that they are aware of your posting. Because we foster personal relationships with the women in our networking community these alerts are far more effective than automated “key word” matching offered by other Job Boards.

How the Women@Work Job Board Fuels
Your Diversity Initiatives

Over and over again we hear from large employers that they need more women in their mid to senior-level ranks. Many employers tell us that they have trouble creating a robust slate of high-quality women. Look no more: mid to senior-level women are the Women@Work demographic--and our top-notch candidates are accustomed to finding jobs through networking, not mass market job boards or newspaper ads.

As your company grapples with diversity initiatives, half the battle is widespread recognition that you are committed to hiring women and exploring work-life balance solutions. A relationship with Women@Work implicitly conveys the message that your company is committed to hiring and advancing women.

Why the Women@Work Job Board Expands
Your Recruiting Efforts

Ours is a network of "upper echelon" smart women helping other smart women — 95% of our subscribers have a college degree; 60% have an MBA, JD or other advanced degree — and there are no boundaries to strategic networking. Women in the New York metro area, for example, have current and former colleagues and personal contacts in every corner of the world--so it makes sense to post your hard-to-fill positions for any office location.

Currently, the Women@Work Job Board has over 12,000 unique visitors each month. Our subscriber base of 6,000 recommends the Job Board to women in their own circles, and the networking multiplies and multiplies from there. Not only will the Women@Work Job Board lead you to qualified candidates for your open positions, it will also bolster your pipeline of mid to senior-level diversity candidates for specific areas or job functions. A general posting for research analysts, for example, could generate a bank of resumes that you could draw on over time.

Most importantly, you are tapping into a very high-quality network of women who have graduated from the best schools, trained at corporate and Wall Street giants and progressed rapidly through the ranks.

Banner Ads on the Women@Work Job Board and Resume Bank

Interested in advertising your company’s products or services on our Job Board or Resume Bank? Give us a call to discuss your current advertising objectives and we will customize an advertising program for your needs.

Eliza Shankey, Managing Partner
Women@Work Network, LLC

The TalentMine Newsletter for Employers

The TalentMine newsletter features Women@Work candidates offered through our contingency placement services. The newsletter profiles mid to senior level women who are available for permanent full-time and part-time positions, consulting engagements and temporary assignments.

• Emailed weekly to 4,000 employer contacts in the New York and Boston metropolitan areas*
• Contacts include C-suite executives, HR and diversity professionals, marketing professionals*
• Employers of all shapes and sizes—from Fortune 100 corporations to small entrepreneurial start-ups--as well as non-profits
• All industries.

*Exact breakdowns not currently available.

Talent Mine Advertising Rates
All advertising is prepaid. Currently we do not allow animated ads. Please call for additional details.

View TalentMine Rate Card Here

Advertising Instructions:

Submit web jpg or gif file and the url you want the ad to link to.

NOTE: Advertisers purchase ad space of a certain size. If the ad is created for the specific size purchased, the ad will fill the space. If the ad is not created for the specific size purchased—or if there is more or less copy provided than would fill the purchased space, the “published” ad size may vary.

Eliza Shanley, Managing Partner
Women@Work Network, LLC

Web Site Banner Ads

Interested in advertising your company’s products or services on the Women@Work web site? Give us a call to discuss your current advertising objectives and we will customize an advertising program for your needs.

Eliza Shanley, Managing Partner
Women@Work Network, LLC

Event Promotion

If you are a for-profit company and you have an event that you would like to promote to the Women@Work network, a short description of the event can be advertised in our Daily Newslink—an email communication that reaches more than 8,000 subscribers. The Newslink is a much anticipated communication that alerts subscribers to new job opportunities, Women@Work products and services and career-related events.

The cost for event advertisements is $250.

Eliza Shanley, Managing Partner
Women@Work Network, LLC