Be Part of The Women@Work Community

Women@Work is, first and foremost, an ever growing network of mid to senior level current and returning professional women. Our current community of more than 8,000 women extends across the United States into Canada—and as far as Europe, Australia, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

You can be an active participant in this community online, on the phone or in person. Our online Networking Forum gives you the opportunity to network with like-minded women anytime of the day or night.

To accommodate your busy schedule, it’s possible to schedule (at industry standard rates) career counseling or resume writing sessions with our senior team or Women@Work Affiliates who can meet with you in person or hold productive sessions via telephone, skype and email.

Women@Work networking groups are also growing virtually around the world—giving women the chance to connect in person with other women who are navigating similar life phases and share professional interests.