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For employers large and small nationwide, Women@Work offers everything from an economical, “niche” job board to top quality contingency search services. We are a high end resource for mid to senior-level diversity candidates, and a virtual goldmine of experienced talent for permanent full-time/part-time and contract hires.

Employers who prefer to manage the search process on their own have the option of using our economical Job Board—a premier candidate sourcing resource focused solely on mid to senior level current and returning professional women. In an interactive and searchable format you’ll find candidates to boost your talent pipeline or fill specific open positions. Each position you post is showcased in our “Daily Newslink” (a daily communication sent directly to nearly 9,000 women nationwide) and linked directly to the Job Board. This means that you are not just advertising on a passive Job Board (where you hope candidates will visit)—you are also benefiting from an active announcement of your job to our loyal network. Another key feature of the new Women@Work Job Board is the Resume Bank that includes only resumes we have screened—not the CVs of every Tom, Dick and Harriet in the free world.

If you are looking to augment your in-house recruiting efforts, you can engage Women@Work for a contingency search (end-to-end search services). A non-traditional contingency search option is our Private Label Recruiting Day: you identify a key growth area and we generate up to 50 candidates who meet the ideal profile. Whether you hire one or all 50 candidates, there is only one very reasonable fee.

Today's high unemployment rates give the impression that very desirable candidates can easily be found. It's true that the internet can bring you thousands of resumes each week, but quality does not necessarily come along with quantity. The need to zero in on A-List candidates--quickly and efficiently--is more important than ever, and a niche recruiting service like Women@Work is the brightest searchlight in an avalanche of resumes.