As more and more highly skilled, knowledge-based workers look for greater flexibility, the consultant ranks are growing. We are consistently amazed at the talent that is available on a contract basis, and we know that the consultants we represent could cure at least one of the business headaches you are facing this year.

The Women@Work Network has more than 3,000 current and returning professional women—and in this vast pool of talent there are many high-end consultants who lend their expertise to companies both large and small for a variety of short and longer- term projects. We can help you identify a consultant who can provide the proven expertise you need for an important project—at the exact time and for the exact time period that you actually need that talent.

When you are in the process of recruiting a key person for your team, a consultant can also be a valuable stop-gap to keep initiatives moving and on target. Experienced consultants have no problem stepping in and out of various projects and company cultures--and they are skilled at creating seamless and smooth transitions.

As just a sampling, through the links below, you’ll gain insights to the marketing, finance and HR consultants who are ready to help you—and we have much more contract talent in many other key areas. Day rates for the Consultants in our network generally begin at $1,000 (excluding the Women@Work placement fee). Even an investment of just a few consulting days can make a major difference on your 2007 bottom line.