For employers who are interested in short-term staffing at the administrative to executive levels, Women@Work’s Talent To Go service is a rich administrative resource when you need talent, not just a “temp”.

Do you have a long list of important initiatives that don’t seem to move forward because you’re long on ideas but short on “in the trenches” support staff? Do you often find yourself wishing that you could have a smart, on the ball “aide de camp” just to get you through very busy periods? Is one of your key employees about to leave for vacation or maternity leave...in the middle of time-sensitive projects? Do you find that you need a small staff to handle your core business—but a larger pool of talent at specific times of the year? Does your phone ring off the hook during certain hours—but it’s not enough to warrant a permanent receptionist?

Chances are that you are answering “yes” to at least one of these questions...and Women@Work offers you an easy, “no red tape” solution. Our “Talent Associates”—all Women@Work payroll employees—are ready to step in at a moment’s notice. You can tap into a virtual goldmine of mid to senior-level women who are looking for ways to build their resumes while they are balancing their lives. Many of these women have advanced degrees and their impressive resumes list positions at Fortune 500 companies, top Wall Street firms and many smaller companies at the vanguard of many different industries. These are returning professionals, women looking to step off the fast track, or women who are simply taking time off to assess next steps for long and varied careers.

Most importantly, these are women who have worked their way through the ranks and know the mechanics of how businesses run. With healthy egos and the spirit of collaboration, they are ready to roll up their sleeves and do whatever is necessary for the job at hand. This is not the time for fancy titles or corner offices...now they want to make a contribution to an interesting company, earn some extra money and also be available to their families and communities.

The benefit to you is that these women are not ordinary, one-dimensional “temps”. These are women who can multi-task while they’re answering phones, create Excel spreadsheets, conduct research on the web and handle bookkeeping in a snap—but, at the same time, they can also take on higher level projects that are gathering dust on your desk. Imagine a former consumer products manager who can create order out of chaos in your marketing department, a former Wall Street financial analyst who can run QuickBooks spreadsheets and offer some insights on how your company can cut costs or a former corporate communications manager who can not only push the right buttons for a PowerPoint presentation but tackle the content, too!

Trial Offer: $250 Credit Toward Your First Assignment!

We’re so sure that our Talent Associates will outperform any temp you have had in the past, we’re willing, for a limited time, to give you a $250 credit toward your first multi–day assignment.

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