The Resume Once-Over

To an employer your resume is the "first impression" they have about you--and a typo or grammatical error is the kiss of death. We know employers who have flatly refused to interview candidates who have errors on their resumes...and in this recessionary period, you can't take that risk.

Let Women@Work give your resume the once-over: we'll check for errors and email your resume back to you within 24 hours.

Don't be fooled into thinking that "spell check" has identified all the errors on your resume. The spell check feature on your computer sees, for example, both "on" and "one" as words, so it won't tell you when you have incorrectly typed one instead of the other. And if you think that you have carefully proofread your resume, don't be so sure--we see typos in the resumes of many, many mid to senior-level candidates!

Click here to buy the "Once-Over" service and then email your resume to Note that this is a quick proofreading service that does not include wordsmithing. If you are looking for help in writing or revising your resume, see our other coaching services.

Price: $20.00