The Key to Confidence: Being Prepared

With a rapidly expanding network of more than 5,000 women, it is not possible for Women@Work to meet with each woman individually or find each woman a new work opportunity. We meet with every woman who is presented as a candidate for a position—and throughout the year we do meet many women through various networking events. But our network is designed to provide many resources that help women help themselves.

Perhaps the #1 need for professional women in transition is resume advice—and at industry standard rates Women@Work offers everything from a quick diagnostic tool (Resume Review) that gives you guidelines for revising a working draft to interactive seminars to one-on-one resume development sessions with our senior staff or career counselors who are Women@Work Affiliates.

You can gather tips for resumes or interviews through various Women@Work e-guides or podcasts, or simply ask our co-founders a question that’s on your mind as you’re searching for new opportunities.

Women@Work Resume Clinic

Women@Work offers regular Resume Clinics to help you get your resume in top-notch form and give you a competitive edge in this tough job market.

  • Participants engage in interactive exercises during the two hour clinic.
  • Peers review and critique resumes as a group.
  • Six to eight women participate in each Women@Work Resume Clinic.
  • Women@Work Resume Clinic participants.
  • Working in teams, women help one another polish the language in their resumes.

    Participants work on their resumes.