Career Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Since 2002, Women@Work Co-Founder Eliza Shanley has spoken to hundreds of mid to senior level women and prestigious employers both large and small. A long list of prominent corporations, business schools, colleges, professional associations and major media outlets continually ask these smart and savvy women to speak out on issues related to work-life balance, workforce reentry, career transition and opportunities for women overall.

Now you can be on the receiving end of all this wisdom through one-on-one coaching sessions with Eliza. Schedule a session in our Wilton, CT offices, and we'll help you write the next chapter of your work-life story. Sessions may also be scheduled via skype or telephone, which, incidentally, is the venue for most sessions in the coaching industry!

Looking for someone knowledgeable to review your resume other than your husband or best friend? Want to find out once and for all the best resume format, what to include or delete, the right number pages and how to list volunteer endeavors in business terms—and tips for writing your summary statement? Consider an investment in a career coach who can guide your resume development or enhance an existing resume that lacks pizzazz.

And once you have a resume in hand, do you know how and where to look for your next opportunity? Job hunting is not rocket science, but it does indeed require careful, strategic thinking. A career coach can narrow your list of interests, zero in on your key strengths, devise a search strategy and help you identify companies that best fit your needs and interests. Even for the most senior-level professionals it can be tough to do a solo navigation in the job search process. For many women, a career coach can shorten and de-stress a job search and bring very positive results.

We recommend that you schedule a 90-minute session so that we have the time to listen carefully to your current career search activity and strategies and make informed recommendations. The fee for the 90-minute session is $240, but it is also possible to schedule shorter sessions: 60 minutes ($160) or 30 minutes ($80). Annual Members receive a 10% discount on all services.

Contact Eliza directly to schedule an appointment.