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Facebook...Not Just for Teenagers

If you think that Facebook is just for teenagers, think again. It’s catching on in the over 40 set. Women@Work recently created a Facebook group—and within a day there were over 100 members. Very impressive women continue to join (respectable graduates of Ivy League schools who have nothing in common with teenagers!), and we encourage you to create a free Facebook profile ( and join the Women@Work group, too. Leave no networking stone unturned! (Just don’t expect your teenager to “friend” you!)

New Yahoo Web Site Devoted to Women

Yahoo has a new web site devoted to women called “Shine”. The editors say it’s not a site just for moms or just for single women or working women, or any specific demo- or psychographic: “We wanted to create a smart, dynamic place for women to gather, get info and to connect with each other and the world around them…[and inspire them] to laugh, think, get mad, empathize, and be surprised and entertained.” Visit and zero in on the “Work & Money” tab.

Get LinkedIn

For all current and returning professional women looking for valuable contacts, LinkedIn is the place to be. It’s an incredibly useful tool that allows you to search for connections to specific people, establish contacts at companies that interest you or simply look for networking ideas among people who have the job title you have or covet. Go to to create your free profile and join the Women@Work Network group.

Don't Climb the Ladder...Move Around the "Lattice"

Smart, accomplished women are no longer talking about “climbing the ladder”. For years climbing the ladder—taking on jobs of increasing responsibility in a linear sequence—was considered the path to success for all employees, and women bought into that corporate requirement. Now more and more companies are recognizing that it’s OK to move up, down and across a “lattice”—alternating periods of climbing with slower periods through all of life’s ages and stages.