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Women@Work is the only recruiting firm that is also a networking organization—and the only recruiting firm that offers a wide array of events, products and services that emphasize skill identification, professional “packaging”, networking and work-life balance.

For returning professionals, especially, we believe that there is no need for the media’s “tales of woe” about the difficulties that returning professional women face. In many cases these women simply have not focused on job hunting “musts”—and Women@Work offers the tools needed to convince employers that significant business skills have continued to be developed through significant volunteer endeavors, part-time positions or occasional project work.

Whether you are a current or returning professional, Women@Work’s products and services help you create a clear and concise summary statement of all that you have to offer, develop a resume that truly sells your strengths and accomplishments, conduct a job search through a far reaching and easily accessible networking effort and turn an interview into an engaging discussion of your strong fit for an important role.

Free Job Hunting Tools


If you’re not quite sure which path to take in your current career or you are looking to restart a career after a long hiatus, self-assessment tools can give you some direction. Generally, these tools help you zero in on your strengths and skills and tell you the type of work that fits your profile. It’s not a “black and white” edict…taken with a grain of salt, self-assessment tools just get you thinking about many different options. Women@Work thinks highly of the Jung Typology Test (Myers-Briggs), which you can access at In a few minutes you complete a survey, get the results and read about your personality type.

Is Your Resume Dressed For Success?

The Women@Work Network has thousands of well-educated and talented current and returning professional women. But many of these polished women have resumes that lack luster. Listen to this free, 10-minute podcast and you'll learn seven important ways to make sure that your resume will make employers stand up and take notice of your skills and experience.

Download this audio file and listen now.

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Fee Based Job Hunting Tools


There are thousands of career-related books on the market, but very few that are specifically geared to the needs and interests of returning professional women. Women@Work offers a series of e-guides that help you, for example, think through whether this is the right time to return to work, write a compelling resume, master the networking game and develop strong interviewing skills.

The following e-guides can be purchased separately, or when you join the Women@Work Network (for an annual fee of $79), the e-guides are given to you as a complimentary “Welcome to the Network” gift.

  • Women@Work's unique resume writing e-guide helps you Remember Every Skill and Underscore Major Experiences! You'll hone in on business skills you've developed in non-profit and for-profit settings and draw from a Resume Thesaurus that is filled with powerful business terms that pack your resume with power.

  • "Interview Revue", an e-guide to playing the leading role in the interview that is based on your true life and work story.

  • "Make Your Net-Work", an e-guide to avoiding the job-hunter's “Bermuda Triangle”—sending resumes to strangers—and identifying your hidden network of valuable contacts who can lead you to important leads and real jobs.

  • An e-guide for returning professionals who say that they'd like to work, but they could never fit work into their very busy family commitments. A worksheet tracks volunteer time and shows most mega-volunteers that they already have the equivalent of a part-time job! While you're tracking time, you're also tracking business skills to highlight on your resume. (Current professionals can pass this e-guide along to a friend who is contemplating work.)



  • The Women@Work Annual Membership offers you a community of like-minded women who are fitting work into busy, productive and fulfilling lives. Each day that you search for new opportunities--or think about opportunities you may want to pursue down the road--you can benefit from the insights, ideas and inspiration continually generated by a group of smart women helping other smart women.

  • To an employer your resume is the "first impression" they have about you--and a typo or grammatical error is the kiss of death. We know employers who have flatly refused to interview candidates who have errors on their resumes...and in this recessionary period, you can't take that risk.

    Let Women@Work give your resume the once-over: we'll check for errors and email your resume back to you within 24 hours.

  • Let Women@Work give your resume AND cover letter the once-over: we'll check for errors and email your resume back to you within 24 hours. See full description under The Resume Once-Over.

    Click here to buy the complete "Once-Over" service and then email your resume and cover letter to Note that this is a quick proofreading service that does not include wordsmithing. If you are looking for help in writing or revising your resume or cover letter, see our other coaching services.

  • You email us your resume and we provide a quick analysis, typically within 48 hours, of how well this important document is selling your skills and experiences. Detailed comments guide your revision process and steer you toward a resume that demands employer attention.

  • A quick diagnostic tool for women who feel that their job search is languishing. You complete a questionnaire that provides insights to your job search process and strategies, and typically within 72 hours you'll have written recommendations that will give you new direction and a fresh start. (Note: the Job Search Makeover includes the Resume Review.)